For the first Back-to-school for Beru Marketplace, we wanted to win a demanding audience of parents. Before September 1, all online stores are fighting for the attention of moms and dads, not knowing what else to offer besides discounts and promotions. We offered knowledge!
 When sending their children to school, parents often make the wrong choice and this puts children under a lot of stress. We decided to sort things out and organized a real study. The issue was approached in an adult way - a large international research company was called in to help, and as a result, everything secret became clear and available in YouTube videos.
The strong emotional insight found through Yandex's Big Data and the useful content generated from the results of quantitative research helped us to get noticed. We not only urged parents to think about the preferences of their children and listen to their opinion. But they also helped moms and dads learn more about modern school trends.
We have collected the full results of the study into reports and infographics familiar to adults and posted them on the website,where it was possible not only to understand but also to buy suitable goods.Famous adults also took part in the project, who themselves conducted a similar experiment with their children using special kits from the marketplace.
The project had a high response on social networks and had a good effect on the brand image. All our image indicators have grown! A huge number of parents came to the site and made purchases for the new school year. We have exceeded the sales targets.

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