There are lots of shops but there’s only one Black Friday. Each competitor wants to jump ahead of its peers. The young marketplace Beru (Yandex Market) was eager to perform something extraordinary!
As a symbol of our Black Friday, we chose the everlasting women's idol, eight-time “Mustache of the year “ prize winner, a Star born for this exact idea Alexander Pankratov-Black.
We turned Black Friday into one total Pankratov-Black drop.

Promo OLV

The best response from the audience received the special ALL SHADES OF BLACK Pankratov-Black collection: only black items, from small household appliances to a year’s stock of black socks. All sold out much quicker than any trendy collaboration!
Our campaign had a huge PR effect and became one of the loudest in the media. 
Reach, sales, and new user numbers were off the chart!

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