Every New Year WHISKAS® prepares a special tasty surprise. 
That year, it was something really exclusive — a festive menu set! 
There was a need for an idea that would drive the brand fame for WHISKAS® and resonate with modern cat lovers' audience. 
We created a 360 campaign called 'Fairytale With A Happy Cat'. All the assets of the campaign were targeted to help cat parents create a happy new year for their cats.
Besides a new copy, we created a Whiskas Mini App in VK called 'Fairytale With A Happy Cat'.  It offered interactive activities during all of December.  All the activities created a real holiday atmosphere for the cat owner and his cat.  For example, the user could collect a holiday sticker pack by WHISKAS with 24 charming Silver Tabby cats, design a custom flake or create a customized Festive New Year Menu recipe for the cat using the offered ingredients.

Sticker Pack

7M stickers were given out to users and overall 44,3M stickers were sent with each user sending ~19,2 stickers on average. Stickers increased reach potential while tasks in the mini app ensured continuous engagement over the campaign’s period.
UGC creation (catflake) produced the highest engagement and drove repeat task completions. Overall nearly 2M users created a catflake.

Users could complete the quest

Whiskas Mini App in VK was very successful with ~3,5M unique users visiting the app and ~2M completing the 1st task (that is 57% of users completing the task vs 30% benchmark).
In order to win over a wider audience there was a DCO media support with the key themes to support the campaign .
All main media KPIs were reached and over-delivered. 
Campaign video assets received 36M completed views.
VTR of the new copy overperformed the plan. 
Engagement within the app was also high: users spent 1:33 min on average.

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